Hey it's Kidus

I'm a young, passionate software developer.

I make Websites Web Apps Mobile Applications Desktop Applications

About Me


I'm a young, passionate and energetic self-taught full-stack software developer that creates scalable and reliable software products that cover a broad range of use-cases and are user-friendly. I write easily maintainable code and I use the latest products, standards and libraries to deliver a refined product for your business.



Website Design

Everything from a simple personal blog to an e-commerce website that is fully equipped for any market.

Mobile Apps

Apps for your Android or your iPhone users that can also seamlessly connect to existing web infrastructure.

Web Apps

Web-based applications that can help you manage your business effectively through multi-platform solutions.

Desktop Apps

Cross-platform desktop-based applications for any business that can help boost performance and user base.



A big thank you to all my happy customers! Looking forward to more satisfied clients.


I'll try to reply ASAP :)